Saturday, 17 October 2015

Halloween mandala - free pattern

1st Round: start with a magic ring (or ch 5 and sl st into the first chain to make a ring). Work 15dc inside the ring, sl st
2nd Round: work 2dc in each dc of previous round, sl st
3rd Round: work 2dc, 1dc alternately, (total 45dc)
4th Round: work 4ch, skip 2st, sc in third dc, repeat (total 15 ch4 spaces)
5th Round: in every ch4-space work 5hdc,
6th Round: sl st to the center of 5hdc group (in third hdc), work 5ch and sc in the center of the next 5hdc group
7th Round: in every ch5-space work 7hdc,
8th Round sl st to the center of 7hdc group (in fifth hdc), work 6ch and sc in the center of the next 7hdc group
9th Round in every ch6-space work 9hdc, sl st. Finish off.
10th Round (yellow): work 5ch, skip 3st, sc in fourth hdc (total 34 ch5 spaces)
11th Round (new color): work (2ch, 7hdc, 2ch) in every ch5-space. Finish off, and weave in all the loose ends.

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