Sunday, 11 October 2015

#ColorKeeper tested!

My pattern for #ColorKeeper granny square is tested and finally released.
Today I would like to express my gratitude to fantastic ladies and true crochet companions. They worked magic out of my pattern. Ladies, I really appreciate your effort and time you put in this!

Mary from Mary’s Creative Activities, Ausra from Madametrico and Carol. Carol doesn’t have a blog of her own but her comments and suggestions helped me a great deal!
I would also like to thank Lucie from Lucie, Love and Anna from Foto&Hobby

Pattern for #ColorKeeper granny square is available here.


  1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Nela. It's been an honor working with you and I hope to do so again in the future. I truly enjoyed doing the Color Keeper Square. It has a simple beauty about it which is so pleasing to the eye. Your pillow/cushion is so pretty! I'm trying to decide if I can fit another pillow on my sofa!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I am sure that another one will fir just perfectly! All the best :)