Thursday, 1 April 2010

House keeper

I thought that it would be a peace of cake to wrap a yarn around an egg. I was wrong. It’s neither easy nor amusing, it’s sticky and time consuming, but than again, look at it. I am pretty satisfied with my little installation.

Let me explain, as well, the title of the post, well, here we say that the first dyed red egg should be placed on the highest shelf of your home till next Easter to keep you safe and healthy.
Wish you all the best :D


  1. We have the same custom, Nela! Plus you should break the old egg to see what your family life has been during the last year. Some of the people wear the first red egg to church on Saturday night.

  2. It's a good tradition. I like all that :D

  3. Me, too, only this year my house-keeper (and all the other reds) turned out pink, so now i pretend to like the pastels

  4. Never mind the colour, it's the intention :D