Saturday, 20 March 2010

Six things about me

Dearest Izzy got me into this game. I accepted. The rules are simple: write six random things about yourself and illustrate them with a photo, get to know better other bloggers.

I don’t like to write about myself, but I love to read about others, so I suppose, I will have to sacrifice. Curiosity killed the cat… anyway…

1. I am a bad singer, even my son doesn’t like to hear me singing. My everlasting wish is to be on a stage and be backup vocals, but not just any backup vocal; I want to be Duran Duran’s Lamya. Yes, so I said it…

2. I know haw to change a flat tyre and I know a lot more, each and every part of Mercedes-Benz, all models. I am not a car freak, my knowledge is purely theoretic, I just happened to translate the catalogues.

3. I am a natural borne tennis talent discovered too latte.

4. I have uncontrollable passion for sweets, creamy, juicy, with chocolate, without chocolate, crunchy, seductive, tasty….

5. There is one place in my hometown where I love to spend time. A lake called Ada. The best thing about this lake is that when it’s chilly outside you can still sit in a hammock with a blanket, sip a drink and get hypnotized by the water.

6. I am an Internet addict, but then again, aren’t we all?
I would love to know better: Neli, Aleksandra, Momichka, Teodora, Fabi


  1. Slatka si mi skroz! Evo šta ćemo... kad ozdravim. Napraviću neki čokoladni kolač i spakovati u neku kutijicu ti ponesi 2 kafe (za mene nes a može i crni čaj ali sa medom)ponećemo neko ćebence i zajedno sedeti na klupici na Adi i čavrljati o nama već zajedničkim stvarima... a ja ću ti pevati, možda ne baš kao Lamya ali će nam biti lepo! I gledaćemo u vodu a povremeno baciti pogled na muževe koji čuvaju našu decu! :D... A ako ikada budem imala mercedes tebe ću da zovem:))

  2. Hi Nela!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your very sweet comment!...I enjoyed reading this, and I too have a passion for anything sweet, especially chocolaty sweet!...You make beautiful things! I love your eggs, and your cereal box bookmark is amazing!...Enjoy your weekend!

    ;) Paulette

  3. Aleksandra, dogovoreno, ali imam bolju ideju, muzeve cemo ostaviti sa nasom decu kod kuce ili gde god.... nadam se da ces brzo ozdraviti

    Paulette, than you very much :D

  4. It is nice to get to know a few things about you :-) I love the photo with orange top.

  5. Yep, I can't sing too... I mean - I CAN but it's not nice to hear me sing! Which is a real shame because I know a lot of lyrics to a lot of songs - it's like a punishment! It's was fun reading your 6 things! :)

  6. Than you girls :D
    Punishment indeed! Sve ti je jasno! Kazu da moze da se nauci, ali ja nesto ne verujem u to. Moj slucaj je nepopravljiv.

  7. ¡Eres MARAVILLOSA! ¡Guapa! Que lista con el coche, peor yo no tengo ni idea. Pero algo nos parecemos, la pasión por los dulces e Internet, je, je, ..
    Muchas gracias por invitarme, mas tarde hace lo mio.
    La hoja recortada!!! ES INCREEEEIBLE ¡¡¡me he quedado prendida, preciosa.

  8. I so agree with you about singing and Ada! And I posted my entry as well (with a pic for you in it;)). Cheers for the invite!
    Btw., I have a friend who gave up his translating career after translating a meat grinder manual :))

  9. Querida Fabi, muchísimas gracias. Me gustaría leer algo sobre ti, ji, ji... no puedo esperar.

    Meat grinder manual, my god, won´t let it happen to me! Thanks for the pic :D

  10. Hi Nela, loved learning more about you personally. I am addicted to sweets, too - especially chocolate and cake!!! Yum. Thanks for sharing. Theresa

  11. Hi Nela, Thanks for sharing the 6 things about you. I'm a bad singer, too :) And addicted to chocolate. And internet :)

    I love your work, especially the cutout leaf and the newest flower. Wonderful!