Friday, 12 February 2010

Coasters and a Happy award

I am giving my best and trying and I know that I still have a long way ahead. Never mind, I am determinate to master the crocheting. This will be a set of six coasters for my best friend. She moved to another city and to a new flat and I miss her so. I know that she will appreciate my effort (knowing that, so far I have never ever had a needle in my hand, hook was never been brought up as an issue :D).

Also, I would like to thank Aleksandra and Lindolina for the Happy award.

I have never met Aleksandra from Micic Art Jewelry although we live in the same city (meeting you will make me happy). She gave me the Happy award and I am supposed to tell 10 things that make me happy and to pass the award to 5 bloggers so that they can do the same. OK, here we are:

My little family (husband and son),
That one morning hour of peace (I wake up early just to have it)
Finding the right word when I am translating (actually, that’s what I do for living)
Giving away my paper cuts
Learning new things, language, crocheting, cities, sailing….
Fire place
Craft shops
Friendly, lovely people
Comments on my blog (hee, hee)

I use this opportunity to pass the award to 5 bloggers that I like (don’t know if they will accept it or not):

1. Rozi

2. Dana Barbieri

3. Paper&cake

4. Red or gray

5. Mr. Yen


  1. Ja bi bila presretna kad bi dobila ove, sigurnasam da ce biti i sprijatelica.
    Cestitke za nagradu

  2. I wish you good luck in crocheting! You have a strong imagination, so what you need is just a little practice and maybe a good teacher! I've been knitting for a long, long time! I've knitted so many hats, shawls, blouses and pullovers... Now I'm in a quiet period. My son has grown-up and I don't experiment any more. Maybe I should try again?

  3. Oh, hvala Drenka, mada... tek mi je cetvrti ispao OK.
    Rossicka, well, don't know what to say, but right now it's fun :D

  4. Draga Nela, no problem, samo da ogreje sunce! :) A što mi je poznat taj jutarnji sat (mada je kod mene to češće večernji jer rano ležu).
    Elem, lepo ti ide sa tim iglama i baš mi je simpatičan taj crveni iksić!

  5. Gracias chica, gracias :D. Onda dok ogreje to sunce:D

  6. Magnificos todos tus trabajos!
    Con tu permiso ,te añado a mi lista de blogs

  7. Gracias Maria del Carmen, desde luego es un placer:D

  8. hahahha, koja slatka nagrada, ipak to je to, male stvari koje život znače ;)

  9. Nela - i admire your efforts in your new found crocheting - you're doing great... You have the natural talent in you to be creating great things sooner than you know!

    You deserve the blog awards too. It's a nice addition to the lovely comments we receive and leave - credit where credit is due.

    Paula x x x

  10. Stergema hvala, hvala.
    Paula, thank you for your beautiful comments. :D