Thursday, 20 August 2015

Baby girl blanket

This blanket has a story of its own. I do believe in healing powers of everything that you do with your own hands. To me it is the crochet, helps me be mindful, appreciate the action and stop for a moment, step out of the bubble. What does it mean to you?

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  1. Crochet - at least for me - is healing....and I find it so helpful to have my hands busy. Since I live with chronic, severe pain after back injury and botched spinal surgery, I am forced to spend way too much time off my feet.
    If I didn't have crochet to keep me busy and give me SOME measure of accomplishment and creativity, I think I'd go crazy - or just 'give up' on life altogether!
    even if I don't have a specific project going, I'll do a square or something so my hands are busy....
    I'm still in learning mode, so any new pattern - or in this case, groups of different stitch patterns - is helpful to me. I like seeing the stitch patterns together here. I think it's a lovely blanket.