Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas swap II part

The expectation was well worth it!
Mare a big THANK YOU!
My gift arrived yesterday neatly packed in sateen bags. Inside of each it was a real treasure: the most wonderful fabric heart, magnificent crocheted snowflake, breathtaking Santa’s stocking and brilliant every women’s book! So bright and natural.
Have a look!

Please, don’t miss Mare’s blog and her pics of the swap. Look around otherwise you’ll miss great tutorials and brilliant works.

Izzy, as far as I am concerned, you are authorized swap organizer! We are all waiting for your sign.


  1. Prekrasno Nela!
    Veliki pozdrav.

  2. draga nela bilo je prvao zadovoljstvo biti tvoja swap partnerica:))....
    a moj swap uzgleda bajkovito u tvom aranžmanu:))...
    do sljedećeg swapa ,koji će naravno organizirati izzy,čitamo se i pratimo:))..

  3. Zadovoljstvo je obostrano! Uzivanje ogromno! Hvala Mare, hvala devojke, thanks!