Friday, 26 November 2010

Tea bag printing

Tear and open used tea bag, flatten it out and dry. Now you got a nice piece of vintage look paper, thin and light.
First print out the image on a plain printing paper just to determine the position of your tea paper. Then, tack the tea bag over the printed image and tape it. Watch the side which goes first into the printer.
Glue your image either on card, tag, journal…


  1. Predivno, srculence je sada kompletno!

  2. Great tip and idea...thanks so much for sharing

  3. The process of creating sounds exciting and the result is beautiful! I shall try... Thank you, Nela, for the sharing! Did you get used to your new rhythm of life? Have a lovely weekend, relax and enjoy!:0)

  4. Girls, you're very welcome.
    I am starting to get used to it. Thanks Rossi :D. Wish you a pleasent weekend too

  5. Fantastična i zanimljiva ideja!!!